Infographic: 8 Time Management Tips for Bloggers

by | Oct 29, 2015 | Blogging Tips, Infographics

Infographic: 8 Time Management Tips for Bloggers

by | Oct 29, 2015 | Blogging Tips, Infographics

“Lost time is never found again.” -Benjamin Franklin

It’s safe to say that time management was not one of my strong points growing up. I remember hearing the word “tardy” a lot in high school (but that’s a whole other blog post)! Never the less, now that I’m a father, I can honestly say that those days are long gone.

Having a child has been an amazing experience that I can’t really put into words. However, one of the many benefits of being a parent is that your time management skills will increase 10X!

Now I’m not suggesting that the only way to improve your time management is to have a baby. Some of you may have multiple jobs, some may be full-time students, and some of you may be running your own business. Either way, whenever you’re starting a blog, you’re going to have to make some adjustments to your schedule in order to be successful.

Below is an infographic I created that lists eight time management tips for bloggers. This list has helped me be more productive with my blog, and it’s helped me publish a lot  more blog posts. If you find this infographic helpful, feel free to share it on your blog or social media outlet. Remember, work smarter…not harder. I hope this helps!


1. Map Out Your Week

Try to have a specific task assigned to each day. For example, Monday could be your research day, Tuesday could be your writing day, and so on. This helps you block distractions and it allows you to focus on one task at a time.

2. Outline Your Blog Posts

Before you actually write your blog posts, have a plan of attack. This paves a clear path for what you’ll be writing about, and it usually leads to more blog posts being published.

3. Outsource Tasks

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Outsourcing tasks such as graphic design and SEO will give you more time to focus on your content. You don’t need to do it all by yourself…all the time. Help is out there!

4. Make a Priority List

Make a priority list and rank each task by importance. By doing so, you’ll be able to see where your focus should be and which tasks need your attention first.

5. Focus on One Thing at a Time

Blogging has a tendency to pull you in many different directions. Stay focused on your task at hand and try to complete on project at a time.

6. Avoid Distractions

Try to avoid distractions as best as you can. You’ll be more efficient when you attention isn’t being diverted. Try to set up a work space that is quiet and peaceful.

7. Keep an Idea Journal

Go to and buy a journal (you can find one for under five dollars). Then start taking note of your ideas as they pop in your head. This tip can help eliminate writer’s block. Having a list of ideas is much better than starting with a blank state.

8. Use Your Resources

There are multiple blogs and various types of software that can help you cut down on time wasting activities. Having an efficient workflow will lead to greater production.


Written by Ben Cummings

Written by Ben Cummings

Founder of

Ben is a Digital Marketing and CMS Specialist for Bridgepoint Education who holds an MBA with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. He enjoys teaching, blogging, startups, a hoppy IPA, and college basketball. Whenever he’s not blogging, you can find him cruising around sunny San Diego with his amazing family.


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