006: How to Pivot Your Career With a Blog

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Podcasts

The Blog With Ben Podcast: Episode 006

Welcome to episode number six of the Blog With Ben Podcast!

This is the podcast where I share strategies on how to build, grow, and monetize a blog in today’s digital world.

I’m your host, Ben Cummings, and in this episode we’re going to be discussing how to pivot your career with the help of a blog.

You may be asking yourself, can I really change careers by just starting a blog? And the answer is yes. The reason I know this is because I did it.

I was able to make a huge pivot and drastically change careers because I started blogwithben.com.

This podcast is not only going to walk you through some of the steps you should take if you’ve been considering a new career path, but it’s also going to show you how a blog can help you pivot careers as well. By the end of this podcast, you’ll have a unique roadmap for navigating your way to a new and exciting career.

Some Topics I Cover:

  • How to identify your strenghts. [1:42]
  • How to choose a blog topic. [2:55]
  • How to prepare for your career shift. [3:55]
  • How to revamp your resume. [5:32]
  • Preparing your blog for the pivot. [8:49]
  • Networking and using LinkedIn to pivot your career. [10:11]
  • How to take action and pivot your career![13:06]
  • Tools to help your career pivot and blogging strategy. [16:10]

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Thanks for listening!


  • How to pivot careers.
  • How to identify your strengths.
  • How to choose a blog topic.
  • How to prepare for your career change.
  • Networking strategies.
  • How to incorporate a blog into your job search.
  • How to attract the attention of hiring managers by creating a blog.
  • How to take action and pivot careers with the help of a blog.


Hosted by Ben Cummings

Hosted by Ben Cummings

Founder of blogwithben.com

Ben is a Digital Marketing and CMS Specialist for Bridgepoint Education who holds an MBA with a specialization in Entrepreneurship. He enjoys teaching, blogging, startups, a hoppy IPA, and college basketball. Whenever he’s not blogging, you can find him cruising around sunny San Diego with his amazing family.


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